Thursday, June 12, 2008

A rubbish day

Southern California is rubbish, there’s nothing here, just concrete and people. However, we started the day in a pleasant little hippy village called Topanga in the Santa Monica Mountains. Then, we sped past LA, pausing imperceptibly to acknowledge Allen, Charlie and Jake in Malibu, and pushed on the San Diego. There wasn’t enough to hold us here either. The zoo is a big deal but not if you’re traveling with a mutt. Instead we hopped over to Coronado Island to take a peak at the hotel where they filmed Some Like It Hot. It was hot.

From here on its just tarmac as we push through the rest of California and start to ignore Arizona. Now don’t get me wrong, AZ is a stunning state but we did it last year so right now it’s simply in the way. For a couple of hundred miles we danced on the Mexican border and marveled and the super safe fence that Bush has built. It seems that no human could possibly beat such an impenetrable wall motivated simply by a burning desire for a better life.

The highlight of the entire day was the Space Hotel. With the temperature pushing 104 we couldn’t camp so we checked in to a UFO that crashed in to dirt-bowl-nowhere. How cool is that!

991 miles traveled. 150 miles of nothing to go before life starts again.