Friday, June 13, 2008

An oasis…

We left the space hotel and headed for the Painted Rock Petroglyph site. For two bucks we were able to walk around a mass of rocks with ancient carvings. A couple of pictures and we’re back in the van heading to Tucson, Arizona. We arrive just before happy hour on a Friday, so we find a hotel in which to settle down -it’s way too hot to camp. Then, of course we go in search of a happy hour special. The town was pretty dead. We think it’s because it’s a college town in the middle of summer break or most people are not crazy enough to go out in the heat. In any case, this doesn’t stop us. We find a very nice watering hole which has both inside and outside areas that are dog friendly. Josie had the time of her life as everyone there is a dog lover and she’s the only dog around. If you ever get to Tucson you have to stay at the Hotel Congress. They make the best nachos in the world and even the dogs get drunk.

1176 miles under our heels.