Monday, June 16, 2008

High and low…

We stumbled upon the perfect place. Deanna is going to retire to a mountain town called Cloudcroft. It hasn’t been updated in the last 200 years; people are sweet; and life is simple; and it stands at 7000 feet above the sea. We loved it. We were only there an hour and we met maybe 20 people, including the guy that painted all the funky signs and the lady that imports all her tea from Harrigate England.

One outrageous drive later (4 hours, 110 degrees F) we arrived at the largest cavern in the world: the Carlsbad Caves. It’s simply the largest room either of us have ever stood in and its 750 feet below the ground. If you ever get the chance….
And then it was on to Roswell. Yes that’s right. Roswell. The place that the, well you know. We’ll tell you about that tomorrow after we’ve met the alien leader.
Miles to date: 1967 (a fine year to be born)