Monday, June 23, 2008

How much weather can one day have?

We start early and drive to the Chaco Canyon national park to see the ruins I mentioned yesterday. The place is 30 miles off the road in the middle of stunning country. They euphemistically refer to the trail there as unpaved. ‘Freakin bumpy dirt mess’ would be a better description. Still the view is worth it. The sky is huge and blue. The clouds are fluffy and white. The temperate is creaking in to the high 90s. Why are we camping again?
We pitch amongst the ruins, with a backdrop of ancient petroglyphs to complete the view but its way too hot to enjoy so we hide in a cave and make hot dogs until the sun looses its anger.
The thunder and lightening rolls in just in time to spoil sunset, but it doesn’t stop Deanna running around with a shower cap on the camera trying to capture the moment. Finally as we settle in for some nice wine and roaring campfire entertainment, the stars come out. And boy are there lot of them.