Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sunset in Sandia Mountains

We’d love to have stayed another night in the cabin, but we pushed on to Albuquerque. You've seen the roads on TV. They're straight. They're start a billion miles behind you. And they run for a billion miles in front of you. There's nothing to see. Oh and they are reeeeaaaaallllllyyyy booooorrrrrring.
A long drive, but we broke it up by stopping in a small town and finding a nice local coffee shop. We grabbed our coffee and sandwiches to go and have a picnic in the park. It seems parks are for the homeless and/or unemployed (both of which I suppose we qualify for ;-) during the day. Andy and Josie made friends with Raul (the toothless drug seller [we’re not making this up]) and then we carried on down the road. Once in Albuquerque we checked into another hotel because it’s still over 100 degrees.
We spend the evening enjoying a sunset photo op at the peak of the Sandia Mountains at a whopping 11,000 feet above our house in San Jose. We opted to drive to the top because the tram, which is the longest aerial tram in the world didn’t allow dogs and we knew Josie would love the sunset. As it was, all we saw was dust, a couple, err, ‘celebrating’ their closeness, and an annoying man that knew everything about capturing the sun on film.