Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pueblo Bonito

Its 5am and we’re up to see the sunrise. To my horror Deanna declares the day not yet ready to start and returns to bed, so I walk the 1.5 miles round trip to the ruins, capture spectacular pictures and return to a hearty cooked breakfast made by the fair hands of my loving wife.

Actually things didn’t quite happen that way.

Firstly, I sat and watched the sun come up at the park gates because the bloody Ranger had slept in and didn’t manage to open the road until 50 mins past the due time. I drive at full speed to the hike base camp, nearly killing at least 2 rabbits and a squirrel in the process. Josie and I then set off at full yomp to climb the cliff overlooking Pueblo Bonito. Only I forgot my map and we got a bit lost. Returning to the car an hour later, we get our bearings and try one more time.
What you can’t see from the picture is that the pueblo backs on to a 600 foot high cliff face of shear un-climb-able rock. Using the skills of a fat man carrying a large rucksack and dog that seems to be part mountain goat, we somehow mange to climb the un-climb-able by leaping between boulders up a recent rock fall. The dog only got scared and tried to turn back once or twice. My count was higher.
At the top of the cliff we stumble upon a Whip Snake. Apparently these aren’t dangerous but I didn’t know that at the time and whilst Josie and the snake locked in to an ancient dance, I screamed like a baby.

Finally, we get to the overlook, take the pictures and head home. I won’t bore you with the return details but if you thought I made getting up the cliff with a dog sound hard, imagine getting down.

Oh and that breakfast? Bran flakes and warm milk. Total journey just over 5 miles and all completed before breakfast. I should have stayed in bed with Deanna.
(Actually that’s a lie too, it was a stunning morning of unsurpassed beauty and exhilaration and Deanna’s a poo-head for missing it.)

We break camp in no time (no showers, running water or anything remotely convenient in the desert) and head north to Aztec.