Thursday, June 26, 2008

Driving in circles

More wildlife noises at the tent this morning serve as my wake up call. Josie and Andy are oblivious to the sound this time around. The morning is beautiful again and the tripometer reads 3143 miles as we set off on the road.
We stupidly ignore the park ranger’s recommended route and our destination for the next few days was Telluride. After all, it’s recommended by Life Magazine as one of the 100 places you have to go before you die and of course Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey have homes there. If we weren’t starving we would have stayed less time than we did. Andy describes it as a town where the people are trying really hard to make it something it’s not, which is really just a rich man’s playground. The scenery is breath taking and the town is really well kept and beautiful, but it’s not our thing, so we make a big u-turn and take the path the ranger recommended (backwards first and then forwards).
We circle back towards Mesa Verde through an awesome little town called Ouray (which is appropriately nicknamed the American Switzerland). There seems to be too much to do here in the time we have left today so we choose to push on to the next town and decide to circle back to Ouray tomorrow. We wind up to the top of the mountain and at 11,075 ft (3220 meters according to Andy’s watch – yes he’s a geek) it begins to hail!
We push on to another cool little town called Silverton. Ouray and Silverton both have the same great scenery as Telluride but are a lot more laid back. Now that we’ve made our enormous u-turn we’re planning to do the Molas pass, Silverton and Ouray tomorrow (as recommended by our friendly park ranger). Lesson for the day… trust the park ranger, not Life Magazine and Tom Cruise ☺
We found out that they haven’t started work on our house yet – they’re two weeks behind schedule and ground hasn’t even been broken. So, our trip may be longer than planned because we may not be able to get into our house as soon as expected.