Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Later that day, snow!

Aztec has nothing to do with the Aztecs apparently, just some dumb guy a while back confused the two peoples and the name stuck. Anyway, they do have a reconstructed kiva in the pueblo there, so that was cool.
Then shock of shocks we pushed on to Colorado. Within a mile of crossing the border the brown desert fell away and was replaced by luscious green mountains topped by snow. Wow. These State borders really are in the right places.
We called in briefly to Durango to ride the steam rail but it only chugs 3 times a day and all of those are before 10am. So it’s off to the highlight: 2 nights camping at Mesa Verde, the US version of Petra. We won’t get to see it till tomorrow, so tonight is just that campfire drinking thing again. ☺