Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Feel the burn

The dog’s the lucky one: fast asleep all night in her air-conditioned prison. We slept not a wink. At midnight it was still in the 90s. We’re a puddle of sweat and exhaustion. As dawn finally breaks, we make our way to today’s first activity: a river jet boat ride.

I thought the Hummer was well built but this boat is amazing. It has 3 jet engines. I’ve decided to call the boat the Hammer because of the way it just beats the river to death. It almost flies!
We spent 4 hours slamming down the Colorado River checking out odd rock formations, petrified forests, arches and Indian (Native American as they call them round here) petroglyphs. Our guide is the funniest man I’ve met. Sure his banter is well practiced but he should have his own TV show. He knows stuff too.

Feeling bad about the dog and to escape the heat for a few hours, we spring her out of jail and climb the local LaSal Mountain where the temperature is 20 degrees cooler. Rumor has it that there’s a nice cool lake on top that we can swim in. By climb I mean drive, the thing is over 10,000ft and we’re on a schedule. Half way up the car hits the magic 5000 mile marker so we stop for a photo op. From now on we’re paying for this thing by the mile. Ouch.

Re-incarcerating the dog once more, we buy our first ‘club membership’ so we can drink a beer in Mormon country legally. Then, we tour the local art galleries and meet a nice couple who give us a new destination. When we leave here, we’re heading to a mountain retreat to get some rest.

We spend the sunset running round the Arches taking really bad pictures. We scrambled around with 100s of other tourists trying to get a glimpse of ‘Delicate Arch ablaze with the setting sun. All we really got was sun burnt. Really bad, Baboon’s bum sun burnt.