Thursday, July 3, 2008

D'em bones...

We went back to the Dinosaur place this morning to get a peak at the broken building and maybe the fabulous bones behind the wall, but alas they’d thought of that and cordoned the whole thing off. However, there was a trail in the hills round the edge of the quarry where you could still see and touch some huge leg bones and whole section of vertebrae that they’ve not yet removed. Cool but still disappointing.
Then it was back in the car for another long drive.
What is it with America and prisons? We’ve burnt a lot of rubber through some amazing and ever changing places and the one recurring theme that keeps surprising me is the prisons. Every 200 miles of so, there’s a brand new, high tech, well financed, not on the map, prison. There must be more of them than there are Starbucks. The conspiracy nut in me is beginning to think that the fascists are about to lock up us good people for having dissenting thoughts.
Sorry, back to the plot.
We’re heading for Salt Lake City for one of the highlights of the trip. There’s two things to do in Salt Lake and I’m excited about both. Firstly, we’re staying with Monty (and wife Jess), Deanna’s childhood danger twin. Every time she tells me a story about her youth it always ends up with her getting in to trouble and it somehow being Monty’s fault. I’m looking forward to finally meeting the legend.
And then of course there’s the second thing: Mormons. I’m bursting at the seams to get my hands on one ask them what they hell they’re thinking.