Sunday, June 29, 2008

2nd day canceled

Deanna made us drink the whole keg and then got the campsite all a-whoopin’, an a hollerin’, an a dancin’, an a singin’, so today is going to be a little slow.
In deference to the pain, we’ve decided that today will be spent in miserable silence as we drive north. I’m 104 years old and I’ve never seen the Rockies, so we’re heading up there. Might take a couple of days to get to, but by then the hangovers should be gone.

Stupid beer.

Never doin' that again.

(oh and Deanna can't dance)

(or sing)

(oh and for those from the skool-of-da-gifted, that dog picture is a fake so stop emailing me about being an abuser of animals!)