Friday, June 27, 2008

It could be leathal, bring her in...

Today started out as a touristy day but ended in the vet clinic.
We went around Silverton, which really is a great little town and then drove through the Molas Pass which is full of beautiful photo ops. Then we set up camp between Ouray and Ridgeway. Ridgeway is apparently the backdrop for the movie True Grit and Ouray is the reason we decided to stay two nights. It’s a cute mountain town with lots of mountains and waterfalls and rivers.
After setting up camp we started to have a look around Ouray when we noticed the dog had a rash. Some friendly local gave us the business card for her vet so we called them. We described the rash to the vet and she said, ‘well that sounds like she could have gotten into rat poison.’. Ends up, it was something both vets in the office decided was ‘very weird, but not rat poisoning’. That wasted the rest of our day.

This picture was requested by Tim. Sorry