Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Some sunrises cause the sky dance a million colors. For others, it causes the heavens to burn with majestic glory. Some days, it just gets a little less dark.
We’re up at 4:10am exactly. Saying goodbye to the shed, we race the sun to the top of the mountain. Parking where we can, we climb to the summit at 12,005 ft and prepare to be humbled by the magnificence.

It got less dark.

Happy to have at least seen close to 30 Elk, 2 Moose, countless Deer, and chatted to half a dozen weirdie-beardie people (we think they were Amish – very nice they were too), we head off to Steamboat.

What a great little town. Superb waterfall. Nice little hikes. Cool downtown. And the best bit according to D is The Epicurean restaurant, makers of the world’s finest tuna salad. For me it was Lyons, an old fashioned drug store that still has a Soda Fountain. It was great to see families running around with Root Beer Floats, proper Milkshakes, and other creamy goodies made by hand by one harassed and overworked girl.