Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A thunderous day

As we were setting the alarm for 4am, the conversation came round to the fact that we’re in the west, we’re on top of a mountain, the best views are west facing so why get up and try and see something that happens in the east?
We slept in.
This shed is ace. Really basic and rubbish: it feels like real living. Because the town is so mutt-unfriendly, we dropped Josie off and the local hostel for a few hours and spent the day exploring the town’s art galleries and pubs during the longest thunderstorm we’ve ever enjoyed.
Chatting to one of THE photographers at THE picture gallery, he explained that the secret to his good fortune is that 98% of all his pictures are west facing with morning east light. Doh!

Later that afternoon we watched a documentary on the Dead Guy. Turns out there were 2 of them. My favorite bit was…
The INS deported Tregve back to Norway leaving his Mother behind. The local reporter called her (they we’re friends) to ask how she was doing – “Oh I’m fine, but I’m very concerned about the bodies in the shed. I’m worried they might melt”. National and international pandemonium ensued. Superb story.

Tomorrow we’re up at 4 for the sunrise. Honest.