Sunday, July 13, 2008

I need new knees

We rode in to Zion as the sun came up to knock off a quick 2 hour warm up hike at the Emerald pools. Pretty stunning stuff but nothing to blog about.

Feeling like there was nothing we couldn’t accomplish we decided on another hike that actually isn’t on most of the standard issue guides. After all, the path less traveled etc. We visited Echo Canyon and were rewarded with stunning views over the top of Angels Landing – the hardest climb in the park and not one we’re ever going to do. This hike has destroyed us, it climbed too high, and it went on for too long but we loved it. Everything hurts now. We're sticking to the guide next time.

Before we go to bed, we’re off to the Adventure Center to rent our wet water gear, for tomorrow we’re going to spend several hours hiking up the center of a river to visit something called the Narrows. Stupidly, I’m going to take my camera so this could mean the end of all photos for the rest of the trip.