Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chanting Monks

Look I know were a little tired, and we did some things we’re not proud of just to stay awake but we’re not making this up. Honest.

It’s still the longest day and we’ve finally reached our mountain retreat (Boulder, Utah). It lovely. All rolling hills, grazing deer and, err, chanting monks.
As we wait for our table in the organic, self-sustaining restaurant, things get a little weird. The background music that was all hippy and floaty suddenly takes on these deep base grumblings. I make some terrible joke about bad music and turn to discover that everyone else in the place is being respectfully silent as 20 Tibetan Monks start their evening prayer. Really, things like this should come with a warning.
This place is so relaxing, that apparently, it’s where monks come to get away from it all.

Yes, it is that special.

Pass the wine.