Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Still the longest day

This is the longest drive ever.

I have to share this with you. Again Deanna thinks it normal but, again I’ll point out I’m from England. We stop for a coke at a nowhere stop in the middle of nowhere. As I walk up to the store, the truck with 4 Indians, feather not spot, (sorry, I know that was racist but I think it’s a funny joke) pulls up and creates a commotion. Nothing serious but a little unsettling. And then this. The picture. To get in to the store I have to step over a spent gun casing. I guess this is why Deanna calls these places Stop ‘n’ Rob. Sorry it's out of focus, but you know, I was distracted...

The next 300 miles are amazing. The road is winding but fast. We set the cruise control to 90, turn the aircon to full, wind the windows down, Deanna plays naked DJ with the iPod and we just try to stay awake.

The scenery was clearly created by Him during a moment of LSD madness. Want big pointy hills with jagged bits? Check. Want soft rolling sand dunes? Check. Want deep water filled Canyons? Check. What’s your favorite colour? Yes we’ve got all those things in that colour. Need it with spots, vertical stripes, or just random colourings? Check, we’ve got that too. We’ve never seen such splendor. You could spend months here just listing all the colours of the rocks. It’s stupendous.

We ignore it all and drive on.