Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The longest day

Sunset last night was not the best photo op we’ve done so we decide to try again with the rise. The alarm is set for 4:30 but really, what’s the point? Its still over 100 degrees, who’s sleeping anyway?

The Arches are stunning in the morning without all those pesky tourists fouling the place up. We drive; we hike; we run around; we meet a wild Wolf cub but don’t linger, scared that its mother is lurking nearby. We take lovely pictures. In fact, we’re probably going to have to open our own gallery for these. Yes, we’re that good!

By midday we’re knackered and its time to break down the tent and free the dog. During the takedown, I discover that our tent is now home to a Preying Mantis. I’m from England: the only thing we have over there that eats its prey after mating just divorced Sir Paul McCartney. The damn thing nearly gave me a heart attack.

We’ve decided to leave Moab and seek out this mountain retreat. We feel we haven’t slept since July 2 and we’re a bit tired. The only thing that stands between rest and us is 400 miles of national park. We plot the route that will include a ferry crossing (just for the hell of it – it’ll add 3 hours to the journey) and set off, but first we make a short visit to Dead Horse Point National Park for more photos and quick dog walk. We sure know how to fill a day.