Thursday, July 17, 2008

Splashing about

We’re spending these final days in a lovely Forestry Service camp site. Being run by the FS means several good things for us. Firstly, its very dog friendly, secondly, we can have a camp fire, and finally, we get to sleep with bears amongst the trees. The only downside to this place is that it’s run by morons who should have died 30 years ago, (Deanna’s quote not mine). For those of you not familiar with bear country, if you look at the picture, that brown box next to our tent is our panic room. In the event of a bear sighting, we’re to lock ourselves in there and wait until it passes.

We had planned on rising before the sun and doing interesting things with cameras but the morons that run this place will only let us stay night by night, so they asked me to see them at 8am to confirm the following day. It’s a pain and it ruined the morning’s rise. To make matters worse, when I did check with them, they denied the 8am story and asked me to come back at 2pm. I may have to buy a gun.
Still the day was far from ruined. We choose a stunning 5 mile hike up to Grass Lake. The trail took us over rocks, up hills, through 3 streams and finally allowed us to play in a waterfall. The dog loved it. Deanna fell in.

On the way to the trailhead, Deanna miss-directed us up a tiny mountain road, forcing me to do a 93-point turn in the Wagon. Cliff on one side, forest on the other. And everywhere big boulders that I couldn’t see. So here we are after almost 7000 miles, we’re less than 4 hours from home and now the Bus has its first dent.