Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stupid weather

They wouldn’t rent us wet weather gear to wade the Narrows. Apparently the danger of flash floods is too high today so instead we planned on climbing that Angel’s Landing thing we said we wouldn’t. But we failed to do that too because of, well, err, we didn’t.

So instead we took a nice walk along the river, took a few pictures and did a little wading.

Returning to Springdale mid-afternoon we decided to tube the local rapids. Again they wouldn’t rent us the gear we needed but we insisted and eventually they relented. These pictures are taken about 90 mins in to the superb ride. The final 30 mins were spent in the midst of a stupendous thunderstorm (not pictured). We managed to make it out of the river just before a flash flood raised the water line by 2 feet. We were soaked, cold and very very happy. Sometimes, its all about the timing.

Sadly we start the journey home tomorrow. We’re heading in to Nevada to chase Aliens, and then its home. If our house improvements / construction is not completed, we may just swing by Yosemite or Tahoe but generally, this feels like the end.

JOSIE UPDATE: we collected her from the DoggyDudeRanch this evening where she had a great time swimming, playing and climbing. Yes climbing. According to the owners, there’s no fence tall enough to hold her. Apparently I was right about her being part mountain goat. Houston, we may have a problem here.